About Legal Casa

The landscape of the legal industry has changed substantially over the years and we at Legal Casa have kept pace with these changes and are abreast with the dynamic market trends and shifts, expanding the roles we search and recruit for so that we can offer a truly comprehensive and inclusive service to our clients. We are able to source and secure the very best talent for your organisation.

If your business is considering expanding their legal team and would like expert advice, contact Divya Mehta ([email protected]) for a confidential conversation.

Core Ethical Principles

Honesty and Reliability

We provide honest and impartial feedback to our clients and candidates.

Strict Confidentiality

The foundation of our business thrives on strict levels of confidentiality. We protect the confidentiality of the sensitive information we gather from the employer as well as the job seeker.

Professional Behaviour

We operate to high professional standards as governed by our Code of Conduct.

Fair Business Practices

We are committed to applying fair business practices and acting in a socially responsible manner.


We form our opinions and professional advice on factual and evidence based assessment

Respect and Fair Treatment

We treat all our clients, candidates and colleagues with equality and without bias.


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